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Meet the Director

Dr Louise Hewitt is a senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich. She co-founded the IPL with her colleague Kristian Humble in 2010. She became Director in 2017.


Louise lectures in the Law of Evidence, Transnational Illegal Organised Networks and the Law of Torts. Louise leads the Criminal Justice Collective research unit collaboratively with Dr Camille Stengel and Dr Melissa Pepper, where some of the research is underpinned by the work of the IPL.


Louise is a trusteee of the clinical legal education organisation (CLEO). She is passionate about highlighting the importance of innocence organisations within the context of legal education, and the benefits it brings to students learning and ability to critically assess criminal justice systems, as well as acquire a wider awareness of problems associated with criminal appeals processes.


Louise works across all the cases the IPL deems eligible, supported by academics and lawyers working pro bono alongside the student groups.

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