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The Innocence Project London (IPL) podcast discusses numerous aspects of being an innocence organisation in England,  speaking to the students who undertake the work and members of the partner organisations that the IPL works with along with discussions about topical issues. Find out why the Innocence Project London exists and what we do.

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Episode One - Pilot - What is Innocence Project London

Apr 8 - 43 min

Sharing some of the stories of what innocent and crime means and introducing the
Innocence Project London.


Episode Two - Working on the IPL: What the students say

May 19 - 40 min


Episode Three - What does innocence look like?

Jul 12 - 56 min






Our ideal innocent person is someone who was simply in the wrong place at thewrong time with a relatively uncomplicated life e.g. no affairs, no gang associations, noillegal wrongdoing i.e. smoking cannabis, etc. But the truth is that the ideal innocent personrarely exists because after all they like us are only human. So why then do we have aperception of what innocence should look like? Welcome to the third episode of theInnocence Project London podcast.


Episode Four - Inspirational new student caseworkers​

Aug 20 - 66 min

Be inspired by some of the new student caseworkers who talk about why they want
to work on the IPL.




Episode nine - The impact of wrongful convictions

Oct 21 - 20 min
This episode hears from the family member of an IPL client, telling of the impact a wrongful conviction has on the family left behind.


Podcasts can alternatively be accessed Here

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