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Inventive Productions

Inventive Productions are a UK based immersive hospitality company who set out to entertain audiences by bringing to life fictional worlds that place guests at the centre of the story. Inventive Productions operate a variety of immersive experiences in UK, such as the Wild West inspired Moonshine Saloon, the sci-fi new world of Avora and Alcotraz, a prison-themed experience inspired by fictional stories seen within Hollywood Movies and TV. 

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The Alcotraz experience has gained traction in recent years as a popular performance for locals and tourists to see, which has been presented with awards. The production centres around a fictional character named Clyde Cassidy, who was sentenced to life in prison after it was discovered he was the criminal mastermind behind a liquor smuggling empire. The story unfolds that Mr Cassidy has corrupted the prison in a similar fashion to his empire on the outside, as he encourages visiting inmates to successfully smuggle their own liquor behind prison bars. Other characters within the experience are the Guards, who are paid by Mr Cassidy to help facilitate the liquor smuggling empire and the Inmates, who are also trained in mixology and form alliances with the audience members. The protagonist of our story is The Warden, who is unaware of the criminal activity. Therefore, a critical part of the experience for members of the public is to watch the play unfold around them and play along with deceiving The Warden. The show puts the audience member at the heart of the action, as they are the newly convicted prisoner. Within the experience, the actors are encouraged to improvise with each guest they come into contact with, giving some variation for each audience member as part of the main show.


Beyond the fictional worlds that Inventive Productions draw inspiration from they recognise there are harsh realities faced in the real world. For instance, Alcotraz brings to life fictional story of a bootlegger sentenced behind bars, similar to that of classic American film and TV, which aims to entertain our audience. However,  the harsh reality faced by people in UK prisons today is very different. Inventive Productions recognise the difficulties beyond our fictional world and are proud to support a charity that aims to make a positive difference within the criminal justice system.


Inventive Productions partnered with the IPL at the start of 2024, with the ambition to broaden the reach of the charity’s initiatives and provide critical funding to support its work.


Fundraising is key to the sustainability of IPL’s operations. Inventive Productions is proud to donate a percentage of its Alcotraz turnover and provide a way for our visitors to donate to the charity.


Inventive Productions’ help and support will ensure the charity can scale, which includes taking on more cases, recruiting staff, and making sure wrongfully convicted individuals can access their services. The partnership will help further the IPL’s mission to challenge miscarriages of justice and amplify the voices of those who have been wrongfully convicted.


Together, our aim is to change the public perception of how wrongful convictions happen, through education, policy reform, and access to justice.

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