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Student Experience

Students volunteering on the IPL may be fortunate enough to attend conferences and events with partner organisations. They are also encouraged to present their casework to visitors and guests.


In 2018, students' caseworkers were able to attend the third annual European Innocence Network conference in Barcelona.  Two of these students, Fatimazahra Dehbi and Ashlie Snelling were presenting at the conference, on the impact of their work. In 2019, students attended the fourth annual European Innocence Network conference in Amsterdam.











The Innocence Project London hosts a number of visitors each year. Students present their casework to American students and the Director of the Californian Innocence Project Justin Brooks. In 2019, students also presented their work to students from Kansas law school. The IPL has also hosted the Innocence Project Japan.

Student caseworkers also participate in open days where the IPL critical thinking exercise is used as a taster session. The students talk to prospective students and their parents about their work whilst at the same time showing how they develop their critical thinking skills. The same exercise is used to train lawyers who support the IPL by carrying case assessments.

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